Certified Foundation Repair Specialist

What is a certified foundation repair contractor ?

How or what is required for a contractor to become a Certified Foundation Repair Specialist, these are two very important questions????

There is only one Foundation Certification organization in the united states. recognized by all major banks, insurance company’s, engineering firms, home builders and state/county/city departments!

There’s only one company in Florida that is Certified through the F.R.E.

Certified Foundation Repair Specialist
Certified Foundation Repair Specialist

FRE Association

Certification Programs

All Certifications require a minimum verifiable 10 years experience. 

Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering (101) are mandatory classes…

Civil Engineering (101)

  1. Tensile Strength
  2. Defection in Structural Members
  3. Vertical Loads
  4. Lateral Pressures – Wind & Earth

Geotechnical Engineering (101)

  1. Local Soil conditions (in your State)
  2. Soil Erosion
  3. Soils landslide
  4. Earthquake

Foundation Repair Certification

  1. 1.Foundation Repair Experts
  2. Foundation Damage Inspectors
  3.  Residential Structural Repairs
  4. Commercial  Structural Repairs

Sinkhole Repair Certification

  1. Sinkhole Repair Experts
  2. Sinkhole Damage Inspectors
  3. sinkhole monitoring Experts

Earth Retention Systems

  1. Retaining Wall Experts
  2. Retaining Wall Repair
  3. Seawall Experts
  4. Seawall Repair Experts
  5. Hill Slide Stabilization Experts

Deep Foundation Systems










Certified Foundations