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Under Florida law, a home inspector must provide his or her written professional opinion of the condition of the home they are inspecting. All of the systems and components of the property (as listed above) are examined and the condition of each of these items is discussed, including an estimate of the cost to repair an item, in the written report.  This written inspection report is important to a buyer not only for purposes of learning the condition of these systems and components but also to negotiate repairs, or repair credits, with the seller.

Sellers, and their real estate agents, are legally required to disclose any issues with the home that they knew or should have known about, but this does not mean that the seller will comply with his or her legal duty to reveal hidden defects to the buyer.  Having a written home inspection is the best way to verify any information the seller provides about the condition of the property and it helps the buyer discover defects the seller may not even be aware of at the time of contract.


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Many buyers are concerned with keeping closing costs as low as possible.  Being financially prudent in a home purchase is smart.  So, potential buyers should know that hiring a professional home inspector here in Florida is not that expensive.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all cost for a valid home inspection. Buyers should be wary of any inspection service that offers a uniform price and buyers should ask the inspection company, before the inspection, what the inspection will cover and the limitations of their inspection services (ask to see a sample inspection report ahead of time).

The actual cost of the inspection will depend upon several factors.  The cost of an inspection can be based upon the age of the home, its location, and its size.  Improvements like docks, pools and pilings will likely increase the complexity of the inspection and its price.

In Florida, a basic home inspection, one which only inspects those items in Florida Statute 468.8311, should range between $200 and $500.  When balancing the cost against the information it verifies and can provide to a buyer about a home’s condition, a home inspection is worth its price.

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