Foundation Inspection Tallahassee, Florida

If, for any reason, you think that you may have a problem with your foundation,
maybe just the beginning of settling with your foundation, or it may be signs
of a substantial foundational problem that has otherwise been unseen up until this
point. In any case, the sooner that you call for help, the quicker the damage
can be stopped, and the repairs will begin.

Foundation Inspection Tallahassee

A foundation that has been compromised can be incredibly harmful to you and your family. If the ground below your foundation has started to settle and shift, your foundation is no longer on a firm base. This, in turn, means that your entire home’s structure has been compromised. Your entire home’s design feeling like your home isn’t safe to live in is terrifying. Thankfully, a foundation inspection can help assure you that you are safe in your home, or it will allow them to pinpoint and fix the problems with your foundation.

Having a foundation inspected on a home you think about purchasing is excellent. If, the inspector finds that something is wrong with the foundation, you will be able to back away from what would have been a terrible investment. If you fail to have the foundation inspected, you may have a home that turns into a giant money pit for you.

Foundation Inspection Contractors Tallahassee

The Foundation Repair Network is here to help you find the best Home Inspection Services in Florida. When you hire an inspector, here is what you can expect. Visual observations of the interior, exterior and surrounding terrain. A floor elevation survey is essential to check for correlations with floor elevation damage. That floor elevation survey is a critical part of the foundation inspection process and should always be conducted when having your home foundation inspected. The Foundation Repair Specialist should use a level to check cabinets, doors, trim, and walls. The specialist needs to use a Forensic Analysis when signs of movement are present.  Some common causes include:

  • Poor Grading
  • Standing water near the foundation
  • Active soils

When the Foundation Inspection Engineer completes the forensic analysis, they will verbally explain the findings and recommended remediation to the homeowners. As well as maintenance and prevention suggestions.

The Engineer will then provide a report that will outline the scope of services. This will include observations, information, conclusions, and recommendations. The report should consist of a detailed elevation map in CAD format and be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer.

The Foundation Repair Network is passionate about our Structural Engineering, Home Inspections, and Foundation and Drainage Inspection Services. In Tampa and all of Florida. The trusted companies below offer a variety of skills and experience. If you need anything from the Foundation
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