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To all the great residents in Brandon, Florida, the Foundation Repair Network will help you choose the right Foundation Repair Contractor in Brandon, FL., and anywhere in the State of Florida.  Two of the State’s BEST Foundation Repair Contractors operate in Brandon. Two of the State’s BEST Foundation Repair Contractors work.   Foundation Masters, LLC, and  LRE Foundations are the best Foundation Repair Contractors in all of Florida!  These two companies have the best transferable lifetime warranties programs in the industry. 

Brandon Florida is well known for Sinkhole Problems; most Sinkholes are small and can easily be repaired with a steel piering.  When you live in Florida, Sinkholes are a part of life.

When the day comes that you have to sell your home, this Foundation Repair Warranty will be a factor; buyer confidence is essential…  When you are faced with one of the most expensive home repairs like a Foundation or Sinkhole Repair, never price shop (we are not saying go with the most costly contractor either). Always get 2-3 bids, and consult with an experienced Civil Engineer or Structural Engineer on Foundation repair methods.

Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Brandon
Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Brandon

Foundation Repair Contractors Brandon

LRE Foundation Repair LLC

These are the two best Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Companies in the STATE of Florida!!!!

The Foundation Repair Network recommends getting a bid from either or both companies.  Both companies would even work together if that’s what it took to provide you with a great Foundation or Sinkhole Repair project.






Foundation Masters, LLC is also a Licensed Civil Engineering Company in Florida, specializing in Foundation Repair and Sinkhole Repair.  This means they are the Structural Engineers and Foundation Repair Contractors, making your project simple, and they handle all permitting and inspections closing out the permit; no building inspectors come out to their job sites…

Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Brandon, fl.
Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Brandon, fl.

Foundation Repair Companies Brandon

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