Foundation Repair Cape Coral

The Foundation Repair Network is your source for finding the right Foundation Repair Contractor in Cape Coral, Florida, and everywhere in Florida. Two of the leading foundation repair companies in Florida operate in Cape Coral. We recommend Foundation Masters, LLC, and LRE Foundations, Florida’s most reputable foundation repair contractors. Each of these companies offers a transferable lifetime warranty program.

Foundation Repair Contractors in Cape Coral

Florida’s Cape Coral is well known for foundation settlement problems. Most repairs in Cape Coral are directly related to poor building practices by the builder. Some builders (not all builders) will build on weak sandy soils that are not properly compacted. When cracks are developing in your home due to your house’s elevation being higher than the surrounding yard’s elevation, contact Ten-year Foundation Masters, LLC and ask to speak with our Civil Engineer. New construction comes with a ten-year structural warranty.

Check your builder’s history to see if they have changed company names in the past five years; if they have, then there’s probably a reason! 

When the time comes for you to sell your home, this Foundation Repair Warranty will play an imperative role; buyer confidence is crucial. A Foundation or Sinkhole Repair is one of the most expensive home repairs. Never price shop (we do not mean to use the most costly contractor). You should always get at least two and preferably three bids and consult with an experienced Civil Engineer or Structural Engineer regarding foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Companies in Cape Coral

There are two leading foundation repair companies in Florida are Foundation Masters, LLC and LRE Foundations. The Foundation Repair Network recommends getting a quote from one or both of these companies. Depending on the requirements, these companies could collaborate to provide you with the best possible Foundation or Sinkhole Repair service.

In addition to Foundation Repair and Sinkhole Repair, Foundation Masters, LLC is a licensed civil engineering firm in Florida. They serve as structural engineers and foundation repair contractors, making your project simple. They handle all permits and inspections, so no building inspectors visit their job sites.

Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Cape Coral, fl.
Foundation & Sinkhole Repair Cape Coral, FL.

Foundation Repair Cape Coral







Foundation Repair Cape Coral



Foundation Repair Contractors in Cape Coral, fl.

Foundation Repair Cape Coral 

Foundation Repair Cape CoralAlpha Foundations



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Foundation Repair Cape Coral
Foundation Repair Cape Coral