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Do you have bowed or slanted floors? Are there sections of your home where it feels like you’re walking uphill? House leveling is a type of foundation repair that lifts and relevels a settled section area of the home back into place to eliminate slanted, bowed, and uneven floors. House leveling can also realign warped window/doorframes and push cracks of all kinds back together.

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House leveling is often required due to weak, non-load-bearing soil (meaning the earth is not strong enough to sustain the weight of the home). These soils are often considered expansive soils (clays, silts, and loams) and incur millions of dollars in property damage across the United States of America every year. Expansive soil expands when a significant amount of moisture is present and shrinks when the water dries up. This constant, seasonal expansion and retraction exert tremendous force on your foundation, weakening its structural integrity. The expansive soil cycle can also create voids underneath your home so that there are pockets with less support. Houses rarely settle uniformly; otherwise, they’d be level. But gravity always wins, and the homes try to sink into these pockets, exerting stress on your foundation.

Slab Foundations

Homes that need leveling with a slab foundation have problems generally caused by the soil underneath the house. Ground that starts solid beneath a home can change due to environmental factors. Climates like Houston, where there can be extreme dryness or extreme moisture at different times of the year, are especially vulnerable to soil expansion and contraction. This can cause the soil underneath the home to shift.

This unstable soil will allow the foundation to shift as well. The engineer you choose will come in and level the house by placing a variety of piers beneath the foundation to stabilize the home. The home will be jacked up and put back  on  the docks to accomplish the leveling process.

Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and beam foundations will fail for many reasons. Water damage and termites are just two of the causes of a pier and beam foundation going bad. Unlike a home with a slab, these houses already have piers beneath them. The house will be leveled using steel l-beams to stabilize any damaged beams. The engineer will level the joist and girders beneath the home. They will then install new piers and beams with more robust materials. This will strengthen the existing materials and demolish the house for many years to come.

Crawl Space Foundations

Homes with a crawl space beneath them are easier and more accessible to level than the foundations previously discussed. There is much more space to work in when a crawl space is beneath the home. The home will not necessarily need to be jacked up to do the repairs. The easiest method is to use a chemical mixture to stabilize the soil under the house.

Using braces and rods, effectively shoring up sagging floors and damaged supports. Another method is to fortify existing piers by installing pilings beneath them. The need to add or replace beams and piers will depend on the damage there.

The first step in doing any home repair is to educate yourself. Talk to friends that have had similar work done to their homes. Read what the experts have to say on leveling your home. Check with the Foundation Repair Network to avoid taking advantage of unethical business owners. Take advantage of You can save yourself many headaches and a lot of money by choosing the right foundation repair expert to level your home.

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