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The Two Best Foundation Repair Companies in Florida.

Foundation Masters, LLC

Champion Foundation Repair

Both of these Foundation Repair Companies will give you a FREE inspection and detailed proposal.  They both have exhalent reputations with years of experience.  Foundation Masters, LLC is also a licensed Civil Engineering Company in Florida, CA. Lic. #30969 and Champion Foundation Repair has been working with Engineers for years.

Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation Repair work is definitely not a do-it-yourself type project, so the best approach is to contact a Structural Engineer or Civil Engineer and that Engineer will give you a repair plan, then solicit two Foundation Repair Contractors for bids.  If the Foundation Problem is minor than contact (3) Foundation Repair Companies to get detailed bids/proposals along with a written assessment of the issues. 

Send us the bid/proposal for our expert review and opinion, it's a FREE SERVICE we provide to all homeowners

In many cases, most Foundation Repair projects are never the same so try to avoid a company the uses the, one size fits all approach.  The average Foundation inspection takes about 30-40 min, unless a Engineer is conducting soil samples or some other type of field test.  If a inspector/salesman is at your house for over an hour, there are only two reasons for a long inspection, #1 is inexperience  #2 sales tactics.  SALES MAN

Follow these general rules when hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor.

1. Educate yourself on Foundation Repair methods and ask many questions.  Never make your final decision based on cheap prices, the general rule of thumb is go with the mid-price.  Remember a low bid will look attractive don't do it, If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

2. If your not using a Structural Engineer, then try to choose a company that has a long time relationship with a Engineer.  Ask for that Engineers name , call the Engineer to verify the companies relationship. 

3. If your Foundation Repair requires some type of underpinning/piering read the fine print for a clause on the depth of the hydraulic piling (typically 20 to 30 feet), anything past that depth, there will be an additional charge, ranging from $20 to $30 per foot. Only choose a contractor that has no depth clause.  If your contractor is familiar with the area then they will be familiar with the soil conditions. The depth clause could double the price of your contract!  It's like having an open check book....

4.  Most all Foundation Repair projects require removal of landscaping to access the foundation, so ask the contractor to guarantee that all bush or shrub will survive after removal and replacement.

5. Warranties and/or guarantees for Foundation Repair work are very important, but always read the fine print.   All good Foundation Repair Companies offer warranties.  A warranty is only as good as the companies reputation to honor the warranty.  If a company makes a point to push the value of their warranty program on you, that's a sales tactic. 

6. Think of it this way if you are buying a home with a Foundation Repair Warranty, the first thing that comes to mind is what company did they use and what's there reputation like. This is called buyers confidents its the difference that helps you sell your home.

7. If a company says you need (5) piers or more, call a Structural or Civil Engineer to verify this( salesman based companies pay there sales man per pier they sale).  Remember all Foundation Repair projects require a building permit.  The only way to pull a building permit is to have a set of Engineered drawings.  the first thing a relator does when selling or buying a home with a Foundation repair in Florida is to go on line to pull the building permits.

8. Does the company have workers comp and general liability?

9. Never give a company a deposit of any kind!!!  That's a sales tactic to lock you in, you cant get that money back.........

10. Never rush a decision especially with a salesman siting in front of you, your house will not fall down.

These are the top ten things to consider when hiring a Foundation Repair Company.