How to Hire a Structural Engineer

Hiring a Structural Engineer

There are many homeowners in the Tampa, Florida area that know, Foundation Repairs are becoming more and more common in Florida.  When you contact a Foundation Repair company looking for expert advice and an estimated repair plan, it can be difficult to figure out where to start.

1. Structural Engineers Are Qualified but Not Always Experienced

Structural Engineers for the most part are highly knowledgeable about structural design & structural systems, structural repair forensics, home Foundation Repairs and Commercial Foundation Repairs. Their training and license include:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering (4-5 years of college).
  • Five-year internship under the guidance of a professional engineer prior to receiving licensing.

This education along with a technical background does not make all licensed Structural Engineers the most qualified professionals for foundation evaluation and Foundation Repair, The BIGGEST key factor is the Structural Engineers history and experience in Foundation Repair.

It's very important to hire a Structural Engineer or a Civil Engineer that has Experience in Home Foundation Repair!  If the Engineer does not have this type of experience than the engineer will over engineer the Foundation Repair Plan to protect his/her license, and you will lose a lot of money.

2. Structural Engineers Charge $4-500 for Visual Inspection with a Report

Upon completing a home foundation inspection, the structural engineer will produce a written report that identify visual damage and recommend a repair plan.  If you live in Florida, feel free to contact us and we will recommend a Experienced licensed Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer or a Geotechnical Engineer.

3. The Average Engineered Foundation Repair Plans cost $600-1,200.00

In the State of Florida, most all Foundation Repairs are Underpinning due to sandy soils, organic soils, sinkholes, tree roots, poor construction and expansive clays.

It’s easy to find a Foundation Repair Contractor in the Tampa Bay area, but it can be difficult to determine which contractor will be the best fit for you based on a limited understanding of foundation repair.

The two top Foundation Repair Companies in Tampa, FL. And the State of Florida are...

Foundation Masters, LLC is a Licensed, Civil Engineering Company in Florida, specializing in Foundation Repair.

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