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Signs of Foundation Problems

Signs of Foundation Problems

Signs of Foundation Problems

What are the Signs of Foundation Problems,  when should I call and who should I call.  When you first see Signs of Foundation Problems call a local Foundation Repair Company or an Engineer for a inspection. The sooner you identify potential problems, the easier and less expensive it is to fix them.

Common indoor Warning Signs

Houses settle over time, and a little unevenness isn’t cause for panic. At the same time, you’ll want to be alert to these warning signs that more dramatic changes are taking place:

1.   doors begins to jam/stick or becomes difficult  to latch.

2.  Cracks in walls, commonly  over doorways, windows, or in  ceilings.

3.  Cracks open in vinyl or ceramic tile over a concrete floor.

4.  Windows that used to open and close easily suddenly begin to stick or won’t close completely.

5. Sloping or uneven floors or humps in floor.

Common outdoor Warning Signs








Signs of Foundation Failure




Signs of Foundation Settling