Structural Engineer Tampa

Structural Engineers in Tampa, fl.
Structural Engineers in Tampa, fl.

The Foundation Repair Network will connect you with the Best Structural Engineers in Tampa, fl.  Its Very important to choose the right Structural Engineer for your job, what this means is all Structural Engineers and Civil Engineers are qualified to work on any Structural problem like Foundation Repair, but not all Engineers have the experience in Foundation Repair methods.  This means the inexperienced Structural Engineer could over kill your Foundation Repair costing you lots of MONEY!!! Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about the Engineers back ground and there experiences in the Foundation Repair methods in Tampa, Fl. and Florida.

Structural Engineers in Tampa, fl.


Structural Engineer in Tampa, Florida
Structural Engineer in Tampa, Florida                       Soil Testing/Sampling

The Best and most experienced Foundation Repair/Structural Engineer in Tampa, fl. is Civil Engineer Ken Sands P.E. with over 20 year of hands on experience in Structural Repairs and Foundation Repairs in residential and commercial…  Civil Engineer Ken Sands P.E. has been the lead Engineer for Foundation Masters, LLC starting back in 2004Foundation Masters, LLC is Known for having the Best Structural Engineers in Tampa, FL.  Foundation Masters, LLC Specializing in  (Commercial Foundation Repair, Industrial Foundation Repair,   Residential Foundation Repair, Pressure Grouting, Sinkhole RepairHome Builder, Drainage And Waterproofing and Paring Lot Drainage Systems) Foundation Repair, Deep Foundation Systems and Sinkhole Repair in Tampa, Florida.  Our company only focuses on a streamlined process (design and build) from the initial design to the estimating phase then permitting to physical construction, that guarantees the most cost efficient experience and time savings for both the client and the company.  We provide Structural Engineering Design, Repair and Construction for all your construction needs in Tampa, Florida.