Structural Repair Experts

Jeff Earl

The Foundation Repair Network’s mission is to assist experts in the foundation repair industry. FRN members join an established brand with over 80 years of combined experience. Our vision is to set the standard for unique trades and formal education to produce qualified structural repair experts. Jeff Earl is well known throughout Florida and the United States for his expertise in structural repair. Mr. Earl launched the Foundation Repair Network to train others in the science and art of foundation repair.

Structural Testing Requirements

Qualifying Requirements

  • Must have five years of Experience to Qualify
  • Business Financials and P&Ls
  • Application for business and personal credit approval

Structural Exams 

  • Push Pier Design & Installation
  • Helical Pier Design & Installation
  • Concrete Anchor Installation & Inspection
  • Adhesive Anchor Installation & Inspection
  • Concrete/Footer Construction

Certified FRN members are guaranteed to excel in their field. Our certifications provide a competitive edge to companies. The companies have solid reputations for structural repair. Let us show you how we can help you!

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